About The Author of DWARF PLANETS vs IAU - The fun fictional book by Brandon Gleneicki


Brandon Gleneicki - author of DWARF PLANETS vs IAU

Born with a wikipedia-like brain and a wickedly vivid imagination, 11-year-old author, Brandon Gleneicki, has turned his love for Pluto and the other Dwarf Planets into an action-packed, all-out planetary battle of Good vs. Evil. Dwarf Planets... Good! International Astronomy Union (IAU)... BAD!!!!

Q: Brandon - what made you decide to write a story about the Dwarf Planets?
A: I really enjoy writing and being creative and I love astronomy and space, so I just put the two together. Plus - I figured, the Dwarf Planets probably hate being classified as Dwarf Planets, so I came up with the concept of an all-out intergalactic battle for the Dwarf Planets to get their planetary status back from the EVIL International Astronomy Union.

Q: When did you realize that you had a knack for being a creative writer?
A: I remember starting to enjoy writing in Grade 3, and I found putting my ideas and thoughts down onto paper started to become easier, so I would say - I was 8 when I started to notice that I had a knack for writing.

Q: All of the Dwarf Planets have very interesting personalities. How did you come up with their personalities?
A: I based their personalities off of the Gods that they're named after. The only character that I didn't do that with was RHADAMANTHUS. He's the son of Pluto in one book on Mythology, but I felt that the Dwarf Planets needed at least one expert pilot, so I decided to make it RHADAMANTHUS! Since Pluto is the King of the Dwarf Planets, I felt he needed a crown and a cape as well as a septor/sword.

Q: Are you planning on doing anymore books in the DWARF PLANETS series?
A: YES! I plan on doing three books in the series! The next book will be titled, DWARF PLANETS: DEMON OUTBREAK and the third book will be called, DWARF PLANETS: The Year Of Dark Heart. Demon Outbreak will be available in June of 2014, and The Year Of Dark Heart will be available in July 2015 - to coincide with NEW HORIZONS - which should finally reach Pluto around this time! It's gonna be AWESOME!

Q: Do you think that ALL Dwarf Planets should be classified as Planets?
A: No - just the big ones that are spherical. And, in my heart, Pluto IS still a REAL PLANET!

Q: What are you going to be when you get older?
A: A creative and successful Entrepreneur! Hopefully, DWARF PLANETS is just one of the things I've created. I know I have many other ideas swimming around in my head, but I want to finish three books in the DWARF PLANETS series before I move onto something else.